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Water supply to be hit again in parts of Delhi

Water supply in Delhi is set to take a further hit with production being affected at the water treatment plants (WTPs) at Haiderpur and Bawana.

The Delhi Jal Board said in a note issued on Saturday: “Due to depletion of pond level at Wazirabad, and maximum possible diversion from CLC (Carrier Lined Channel) towards Wazirabad, and flow fluctuation in DSB (Delhi Sub-Branch) & CLC, also excessive floating materials in CLC/DSB at intake Haiderpur, the clear water production has been affected from water treatment plants at Haiderpur phase-I, phase-II, and Bawana.” The CLC and DSB bring water from Haryana to Delhi. The WTP at Haiderpur produces 200 MGD (million gallons per day), while Bawana produces 20 MGD.

The areas where supply is likely to be affected till the situation improves are North Delhi, Northwest Delhi, West Delhi, and parts of South Delhi. The fall in the water level at the Wazirabad pond had already impacted production at the 90 MGD WTP at Chandrawal and the 120 MGD WTP at Wazirabad. The level at the Wazirabad pond on Saturday was 668.3 ft, the lowest so far this season, against the required level of 674.5 ft, according to the DJB. On May 17, when the Yamuna was running dry, and the water level at the Wazirabad pond was 669 ft, the DJB had written to the Haryana Irrigation Department requesting an additional 150 cusecs of water to be released into the river. This was the fourth time, since April 30, that the DJB had written to officials in Haryana requesting additional water. The letter stated that water production at Wazirabad and Chandrawal had fallen by 55 MGD. “Delhi is not getting flow from river Yamuna, resulting in a shortage of about 120 cusecs…,” the letter said. Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar had said on May 17, “The Delhi government is lying on the matter of water. Delhi is being given its share of 1050 cusecs.”

On May 12, the Haryana Irrigation Department had responded to the DJB’s request for additional water, stating that Haryana is supplying Delhi’s full share of water, and that the “shortage of water at Wazirabad, if any, is solely due to internal mismanagement of water by DJB and Haryana has no role in it.”

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