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Two buildings housing govt staff to be razed

The state PWD is set to demolish government employee quarters Mandar, located behind Yogakshema – the headquarters of Life Insurance Corporation of India – in Mumbai, after a slab from a first floor apartment in the building fell a month ago injuring one person.

Kedar – a building adjacent to Mandar and also housing government employees – is also set to be demolished. It was constructed over 35 years ago. Dilip Hinge, deputy engineer (PWD), said, “Mandar building has been declared dilapidated and we are asking people to vacate it. Some officers are being given alternate accommodations. But many are unwillingness to shift.”

“This building is around 38 years old and the slab from one apartment had fallen last month. Thereafter, we felt that
the maintenance cost was high and it was better to demolish and reconstruct,” he added. Another PWD official said, c“Both the buildings are connected… they would have to be demolished and reconstructed to avail additional FSI for government properties. The funds needed will be sought in the next Budget.”

Dr Deelip Mhaisekar, state medical education director who stays in Mandar building, said, “A relative of an officer was injured in the slab collapse incident. The PWD has done an audit and told us to vacate it. I have been allotted
another apartment.”

Another official said, “Ten families live in this building… there are 16 flats. Most officials are being given flats in buildings at Churchgate and Worli.” Another occupant added, “I am yet to be allotted an apartment… this building was poorly maintained by the PWD.”

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