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BJP would have won East had Centre not reunified the 3 corporations | India News

NEW DELHI: The merger of the three erstwhile corporations into a single entity may have cost BJP a victory in one. Had they continued as distinct entities, the saffron party would have comfortably won the east corporation while AAP would have won the other two with ease, an analysis of the results shows.
Of the 250 newly created wards, 61 encompass the territory covered by the erstwhile East Delhi Municipal Corporation. Of these 61 wards, BJP won 35, AAP 20, Congress five and independent one, which gives BJP a clear majority in this part.

Of the 95 wards that cover what was earlier the South Delhi Municipal Corporation, AAP won 58, BJP 33, Congress three and independent one ward, a decisive verdict for AAP. Similarly, of the 94 wards that are spread across the area that constituted the North Delhi Municipal Corporation, AAP won 56, BJP 36, Congress one and an independent one. Like in the south, this would have given AAP a dominant position in the north corporation.
While delimitation has redefined ward boundaries and reduced their number from 272 to 250, making ward-specific comparisons impossible, the three parts remain comparable as whole entities.

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