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32 Bangladeshi nationals arrested for living illegally in Agra

Agra Police arrested 32 Bangladeshi nationals, including four children, living illegally in the country for over 12 years.

Agra,UPDATED: Feb 8, 2023 00:10 IST

Adults have been sent to jail, and the children have been kept in juvenile homes.

By Siraj Qureshi: Agra Police on Tuesday arrested 32 Bangladeshi nationals living illegally in the country. The arrests came three days ahead of G20 guests’ arrival.

The district administration and police are busy decorating Agra with full enthusiasm to welcome the guests of G20 who will arrive on February 10 and stay till 12.

Keeping the same in view, the teams of the Intelligence Department have also become active in Agra, as a result of which the Agra police arrested 32 suspected Bangladeshi infiltrators today.

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Among them were 15 men and 13 women, as well as 4 children. While the adults have been sent to jail, the children have been kept in juvenile homes.

These Bangladeshi national had established a sizable settlement by making shanties in Sector 4 of Awas Vikas Colony, Agra. As many as 35 Aadhaar cards and one PAN card have been recovered from them. A case has been registered against all of them in Police Station Sikandra for possessing fake documents, cheating, and under the Foreigners Act.

DCP Agra Vikas Kumar told India Today TV that the Intelligence Department team had received information regarding Bangladeshi nationals, based on which a raid was conducted in Sector 4 of Awas Vikas located in Police Station Sikandra area and from there 32 Bangladeshis were found living illegally, who were arrested and sent to jail for illegally living in India and fraudulently claiming Indian citizenship.

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When India Today spoke to Haleem, a Bangladeshi national, he told that he is a resident of district Barorhat and has been living in Agra for 12 years. He told that he along with several companions had entered India through an agent in West Bengal and all of them started living in different states of the country.

Through brokers, he got the identity papers prepared. He said that they mostly work as rag pickers and also send money to their countries through hawala.

According to information received by India Today, there is a river between a village in Bangladesh and the border of West Bengal. The touts active in the border villages charge Rs 15,000 – 20,000 for crossing the river. They reach Sealdah and Howrah via the village route, then come by train to cities like Chennai, Delhi, Agra, etc. and start doing the scrap business.

Haleem said that about Rs 1,000 are spent in preparing an Aadhaar card, PAN card, and fake documents. Many people have even got LIC policy done. Many such agents are also active in Agra.

DCP Vikas Kumar told India Today that the confiscated documents are being verified. Strict legal action will be taken against whoever is found involved in this forgery. More Bangladeshis may still be arrested in Agra. The Intelligence Bureau has received information about the presence of more than 200 Bangladeshis in Agra.

Social worker Vijay Upadhyay said that this is not the first case in the Sikandra area. In Runakta, in 2019, the Bangladeshi nationals made an entire settlement in the vacant plot. It was from here that the police arrested a Bangladeshi named Saeed ul Hasan Ghazi. He had his big house built there, as well as bought a car, plot, etc.

A Bangladeshi woman named Fatima had also been arrested in the Etmadudaula area in 2017, who used to circulate fake currency in the guise of selling vegetables. NIA investigation revealed that she had come to India without a visa and had also married a man named Sher Ali here. She also revealed the names of many other Bangladeshi nationals living in other parts of the Agra Zone.

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