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Only one Delhi district has over 90% second dose coverage of Covid-19 vaccines

Despite the Delhi government’s ongoing ‘Har Ghar Dastak 2.0’ campaign, only one district, New Delhi, has completed two-dose Covid-19 vaccination coverage in over 90 per cent of the population (assuming that the number of people who have received their first dose is the total eligible population of the district). Three districts have been able to achieve between 85 and 90 per cent coverage, four districts 80-85 per cent, two districts 75-80 per cent and one district 70-75 per cent, according to data from the government’s CoWIN portal.

New Delhi district has consistently been the best performer when it comes to vaccination, with 94.2 per cent second dose coverage at present. The district is also the best performer when it comes to precaution doses, with almost 18.9 per cent of those who got their first dose having received their third one. To be sure, children between the ages of 12 and 17 years who have received the first doses are not yet eligible for the third one.

Following New Delhi are South West Delhi with 89.8 per cent coverage, East Delhi with 88.5 per cent coverage and West Delhi with 88.4 per cent.

Interestingly, West Delhi and South Delhi – which have a coverage of 83.6 per cent for the second dose – are among the districts with the highest precaution dose coverage as per the data. Around 12.3 per cent of those who received their first dose in the West district and 11.96 per cent of those who did in the South district have been given their third precaution dose.

The precaution dose is offered free to people over the age of 60 years, healthcare workers, and frontline workers by the union health ministry. The others have to get it on payment at private centres in most states, however, the Kejriwal government has made the precaution dose free for all adults helping in increasing the coverage. The uptake of the third dose had been slow since it was opened in January this year.

The coverage of the second dose stands at 81.7 per cent in Shahdara, 81.12 per cent in North Delhi, and 80.24 per cent in Northwest Delhi. When it comes to precaution doses, North Delhi has been the worst performer with only 4.6 per cent of those who have got their first shot having received their third one.

The coverage of the second dose stands at 79.9 per cent in Northeast Delhi, 77.12 per cent in Central Delhi, and 70.5 per cent in Southeast Delhi, according to data.

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