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Rainfall deficit of 35% in Delhi as monsoon set to withdraw in two days

Monsoon is likely to withdraw from parts of northwest India over the next two days, leaving a rainfall deficit of 35 per cent in Delhi, according to India Meteorological Department (IMD) figures. From June 1 to September 18, the Safdarjung weather station, which provides representative figures for the city, has recorded 398.6 mm of rainfall against a normal of 615.8 mm.

The southwest monsoon hit Delhi on June 30 this year, close to the ‘normal’ onset date of June 27. This year, Delhi received its monsoonal rainfall in July, August and September. At Safdarjung, the month of June saw a deficit of around 67 per cent in rainfall. July recorded an excess of around 37 per cent, while August left behind a large deficit of around 82 per cent. In September so far, Safdarjung has recorded a rainfall deficit of 53 per cent.

Little rain is on the forecast in Delhi over the next two days – very light rainfall is a possibility on Monday, while no rain is likely on Tuesday, the IMD said.

In an update on Monday morning, the IMD said dry weather is likely over Delhi, Haryana, Chandigarh, west Rajasthan and Punjab during the next five days due to an anticyclonic flow over northwest India. Conditions are therefore becoming favourable for the withdrawal of the southwest monsoon from parts of northwest India during the next two days.

From June 1 to September 18, the city has recorded 326.2 mm of rainfall, which is 38 per cent short of the normal of 523.6 mm. Of the nine districts that the IMD considers for rainfall distribution in Delhi, only a single district, East Delhi, has recorded rainfall in the ‘normal’ range since June 1. Two districts – Northeast Delhi and West Delhi – have recorded a large deficit in rainfall. Central Delhi, New Delhi, North Delhi, Northwest Delhi, South Delhi and Southwest Delhi have recorded rainfall in the ‘deficit’ range from June 1 onwards.

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