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Husband chops off wife’s lover’s head after catching them together in Jharkhand village

The man chopped his wife’s lover’s head after catching them together in a compromising position.

Sonua,UPDATED: Jan 14, 2023 23:49 IST

The husband caught his wife and her lover together (Representational photo)

By Satyajeet Kumar: Vishwanath Sundi, a resident of Jharkhand’s Lonjo village chopped the head of his wife’s lover with an axe after catching them together. Sundi has been arrested by the police and an investigation has been initiated into the matter.


Vishwanath Sundi had been suspicious about his wife having an illicit affair with Shyamlal Hembram, a young man from Segaisai village. On Friday night, his suspicion was proven right when he caught his wife with Hembram in a compromising position. Hembram had come to Lonjo to meet Sundi’s wife.

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Seeing the two of them together, a furious Vishwanath Sundi started thrashing his wife’s lover. He then proceeded to drag Hembram and tied him to a tree near his house.

After tying his wife’s lover, Sundi picked up an axe and chopped his head off. Shyamlal Hembram died on the spot.

Sonuva police station in-charge Sohan Lal arrived in Lonjo village on Saturday morning along with other police personnel and arrested Vishwanath Sundi. The police also recovered Shyamlal’s body and the axe used to decapitate him.

The body has been sent for an autopsy and an investigation has been initiated into the matter.

(With input from Jai Kumar Tanti)

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