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Bengaluru police seize illegal drugs worth Rs 6.61 crore in 2 major hauls

The Central Crime Branch unit of the Bengaluru police has seized illegal drugs worth over Rs 6.61 crore, including 44 kg of cannabis and 5 kg of hashish oil, after two major operations over the last month in the city.

In a case registered on May 1 at the Wilson Garden police station, the CCB’s narcotics wing arrested a 31-year-old from West Bengal who worked as a driver for transport and taxi services and allegedly as a delivery boy for drugs at the rate of Rs 1,000 per drop-off at the addresses of buyers.

The investigations in the case against Jantu Mondal, a long-term resident in Bengaluru, led to the arrest of two Kerala-based suppliers, Murali and Rajan, who allegedly procured hashish oil and cannabis from Andhra Pradesh and sold them in Bengaluru to known customers.

Police have seized a total of 5 kg of hashish oil and 4 kg of cannabis and estimate the drugs to cost Rs 5.05 crore in the market.

In the second case, police registered an FIR at southeast Bengaluru’s Begur station against the two men, including a life insurance company employee, who were transporting cannabis from Vizag in Andhra Pradesh to Bengaluru.

Police have seized 44 kg of cannabis that was being transported in the duo’s car as well as 1 kg of hashish oil and 23 MDMA pills, illegal drugs valued at Rs 1.56 crore in total.

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