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May 24, 1983, Forty Years Ago: Delhi Train Accident


Six persons were killed and two injured seriously when a passenger train running at breakneck speed hurtled into a truck and a tractor at a crossing near North Delhi. The disaster, between Badli and Holambi Kalan stations, occurred at 1.05 am as the New Delhi-Sonepat shuttle was headed for Sonepat.

India vs China-Pak

India lodged another protest to the opening of the 4,620-metre high Khunjerab pass at the terminus of the Chinese-built Karakoram Highway, also called the “silk road”. Both China and Pakistan ignored India’s protest last year, rejecting New Delhi’s fear that it would affect India’s sovereignty. India’s contention also was that China and Pakistan had no right to enter into an agreement over an area under illegal occupation of Pakistan.

Abdullah On J&K

Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah declared that the state’s accession to India was final and he did not subscribe to the views of Mirwaiz Farooq, Chairman of the Awami Action Committee, who said the issue was “still open” and demanded the right to “self-determination” for people of J&K. Abdullah said it was settled by his father, Sheikh Abdullah and added: “I am Indian and will die an Indian”.

Satellite Repaired

The smart sensor aboard Rohini has resumed beaming images with correction of the anomalies that shut off the camera. ISRO said in a press release that the satellite mission control team successfully manoeuvred the camera back to life.


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